RBH Real Estate provides a new approach to the Western Australia real estate market. We don’t rely on marketing. Instead we prefer to get the deal done efficiently and usually “off market”.

We believe in treating clients with the utmost respect and curtesy and they always will come first with us. We partly contribute our client success to correctly matching properties and investments to people. And always going above and beyond for a client.

RBH is constantly evolving, and embraces the newest technology for both the office and on the road. We are a completely electronic office, allowing for seamless communication, instant signing of documentation, and protection of confidential files.

We consider it a privilege to be able to do Real Estate in Western Australia.



Richard Hamlin

For the last seven years he has built up a wealth of successful deals and loyal clients in Western Australia. He has a vital understanding of both real estate and the process.

Although he specialises in industrial, he also oversees project development, mortgagee sales, mining and development sales, receivership sales, and private company land transactions.






Nicole Turley is known for business ethics and attention to detail. From managing client funds to liaising with regulatory bodies, she oversees financial, Trust and administrative areas of the business.